Medical Flair

MEDICAL FLAIR is a Swiss non-profit association founded in 2020 dedicated to training assistance dogs specializing in medical alert intended to help people (adults and children) suffering from diabetes or epilepsy in their daily life. 

The nose of the trained dog has the faculty to detect in advance the crisis or seizure before the outbreak. The dog will then alert the person who can react on time. If the person cannot react anymore, the dog will bring the medication, activate an emergency button or secure the person in the case of epilepsy. 

MEDICAL FLAIR is pioneering by training family dogs already living with their family or shelter dogs that are being tested and adopted according to methods entirely based on the principles of animal welfare and protection that are directly integrated in their base protocol. 

The total training period is 10 to 11 months. The alert dogs are trained in three modules concentrating on about 30 skills focused on the specific individual needs of each beneficiary.  

MEDICAL FLAIR is supported by medical specialists in endocrinology, neurology, pediatric neurology and diabetology, as well as veterinary behaviourists, osteopaths, homeopathists and the Swiss Vet Group.