Assistance Projects

Firstly, the Foundation participates in Assistance Projects by providing financial and other support to organisations or projects where animals are trained to assist humans with disabilities. Some of the projects involve assistance to the paraplegic, quadriplegic or visually handicapped, who can benefit from having a trained animal integrated into their lives, which may become also their friend. The animal can provide assistance and support for day-to-day chores and thus reduce the burden of the daily live; moreover, the animal also offers companionship.

Secondly, Robmar offers financial backing, organisational support and guidance to Research Projects around the world, where animals are being trained to detect certain severe diseases. Now even our canine friends are joining the fight against cancer. Researchers are not only training dogs to smell cancer in the breath samples of human patients, but are also trying to replicate a dog’s sense of smell, in order to produce a test for cancer. And by studying cancers on dogs, we may discover new treatments for cancer in human and canine cancer patients. Thanks to both, the unique qualities of a dog’s senses and progress in human intelligence, the Human-Animal bond has become a critical weapon in the fight against disease.

Research Projects

Therapy Projects

Thirdly, the Foundation provides financial support for Therapy Projects where scientific advances aim at generating new and radical developments to support animal and human treatments. In advancing the knowledge of the benefits of animal therapy by raising public awareness, Robmar hopes to improve the quality of life of those who could potentially benefit from such therapy.  The funding is intended to assist projects to increase their existing knowledge of this matter. Robmar also places emphasis on the support of new and innovative projects in this area.